written by Jennifer Cochran

As the use of paper in the tax return process continues to decline and submitting tax returns electronically has become routine, we now offer clients an efficient, easy and secure alternative to paper copies of their tax return. Our new system provides a digital copy of each tax return and allows clients to sign the IRS signature forms electronically.

Here’s what to expect after the tax return is prepared:

  1. Clients enrolled in the system will receive an email to answer a few security questions.
  2. Then an electronic signature will be obtained.
  3. We will receive notification of the signature, then electronically file the tax return on behalf of the client.
  4. Lastly, the final tax return will be delivered via secure email.

View the video below to see the electronic signing process from start to finish. Then read below for more details and FAQ’s.


Will I receive a paper copy of my return?
No, an electronic copy of the return will be emailed to you with the signature form. At that time you will need to save the return to a file that you can access later.

Why do I need two email addresses for a joint return?
Since the IRS requires a separate signature for the taxpayer and the spouse, a separate email address is needed to verify the taxpayer and spouse’s signature individually.

How is my identity verified?
You will be asked 4 security questions to verify your identity and required to answer 3 out of the 4 questions correctly.

What makes this service secure?
The e-signature service employs strict standards to protect clients’ personal information, as well as meet stringent IRS security requirements.

What devices can I use to access my return?
Your return and e-signature form is accessible by computer, tablet and smart phone.

If you have any additional questions, please call our Tax Department Coordinator, Becky Hailey, 417-881-0145.


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