Strategies for Dealing with Everyday Banking Operations

Many of the banks I have as clients have been telling me some of their strategies for dealing with everyday operations. I decided to list some of those strategies and send them out. These strategies are in no particular order.

  1. Conduct a meeting every morning to talk about any changes needing to be addressed.
  2. Close the lobby.
  3. Allow customers in the bank by appointment only.
  4. If a customer is allowed in the bank, they must answer a questionnaire to assess if the meeting should take place.
  5. Designate a location in the bank for appointments.
  6. Cleaning procedures occur after the meeting takes place and before the next meeting starts.
  7. Only have one appointment at a time.
  8. Split operations into two teams.
  9. Separate the two teams so if someone gets sick, all of operations are not affected.
  10. Separate retail department into two teams with one week on and one week off assignments.
  11. Risk rate employees. Higher risk employees are given the option of working remotely.
  12. Allow employees the ability to work from home if their job function allows it.
  13. Evaluate remote access from home and make sure security measures are being utilized, such as:
    • Is wireless access secure?
    • Can the bank handle high number of VPN users?
    • Is encryption being utilized?
    • Is multifactor authentication used?
    • Is virus protection used?
  14. Communication is key; Day starts with a meeting; Relevant information is pushed out to the banking team; Banking team pushes out information to customers.
  15. In the midst of all this, take notes for a post review so the Pandemic policy can be updated.
  16. Cleaning procedures are implemented for employees who are in contact with customers, even if it is drive through customers.
  17. Analysis of vendors who work in the bank (computer technician, printer technician, cleaning crew, shred crew…)
    • Have a sign in sheet.
    • Cleaning procedures are implemented.
    • Verify the vendor is following bank pandemic procedures.

These are the ideas I have seen so far. As new ideas come in, I will keep you updated. Let me know if you have any questions.

Chris Griesemer, Partner

The Whitlock Co., LLP


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