Top 5 Accounting & Financial Planning Services for High Net Worth Individuals

High-net-worth individuals already have a robust income. But do you have a strategy in place for maximizing your wealth for the future? You’ll need a great plan in place to realize your financial goals and dreams as you get older.

Today’s blog from The Whitlock Co. highlights the top five accounting and financial planning services for high net worth individuals.

1. Estate Planning

Estate planning is never a cookie-cutter process. Every individual’s situation is unique, and your estate plan should clearly outline what happens to your assets when you pass away and even before that happens. The Whitlock Co. can help you outline the best estate plan for you and your heirs as a high net worth individual before you make your estate plan official by filling out the necessary legal documents with an attorney.

2. Tax Planning

Tax laws and regulations change from year to year. Limits on income, deductions, credits, and more may raise or lower your taxes from the previous year. You might be able to take more tax breaks than previously, or you may face a higher tax bill than last year. The Whitlock Co. helps you identify relevant tax strategies to maximize your tax savings from year to year as a high net worth individual navigating America’s tax code.

3. Wealth Management 

The Whitlock Co. introduces clients to Oppenheimer & Co. in order to enable such clients to consider participation in comprehensive wealth management strategies suitable for their financial objectives.

Do you want to live the same lifestyle at 70 as you do at 50? Do you want to downsize when you retire into your golden years so you save more money for your spouse, children, or grandchildren? What about charitable giving for your estate?

Our clients, including high net worth individuals, who are introduced to Oppenheimer, have the opportunity to access Oppenheimer & Co.’s asset management capabilities in addition to their investment products and services to help clients achieve their financial goals.

4. Consulting & Planning

You need a plan in place to weather the ebbs and flows of your financial life. Experts at The Whitlock Co. help to smooth out the potential volatility in your investments and financial planning. How well you manage the future can put your finances in a better position moving forward.

5. Investment Strategies

Investment strategies for your finances should do several things.

  • Provide regular income to meet your monthly expenses.
  • Mitigate risks from your investments.
  • Offer diversification through a balanced portfolio.
  • Allow you to plan for retirement and how to disburse your estate.
  • Plan for annual taxes with a way to maximize tax savings.

The Whitlock Co. can help you create a great investment strategy that meets your requirements for now and well into the future.

Who can I contact for financial investment planning?

The experienced team at The Whitlock Co. offers complete financial investment planning, including tax preparation and planning, wealth management, and more. Contact us to request a consultation, and we’ll start the conversation. 


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