Secure Your Smartphone and Avoid Malware

secure-your-smartphone-avoid-malwarewritten by Chris Griesemer

Our smartphones go with us everywhere and they touch many parts of our lives. From checking bank balances, transferring money, to buying whatever we want; our phones hold more information about ourselves than we can probably remember on our own. It is important to keep them virus and malware free.

A security research company called Lookout found over a thousand infected Android apps they believe were developed by a hacker in Iraq, according to The infected apps are using a program called SonicSpy. This particular Malware can perform around 70 functions that could help a hacker gain personal information about the owner of the phone. A few of these functions are recording phone conversations, recording messages or keystrokes and sending it to the hacker and it also has the ability to record video or pictures.

It is speculated that one of the reasons this malware is so dangerous is because the creators have figured out how to embed the virus into apps in Google Play.

The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you is install security software for your phone. Also, if you download from Google Play, read the reviews. Make sure there are no technical issues being reported with the installation of the app.

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